How 9 Line Slots Started

Multi line slots have truly come a long way ever since they were first introduced in late 2002. Back then your choice for multi line slots were severely limited but things were about to change for the better.

Now there is a positively huge array of nine line slots available online. So many of them exist nowadays in fact, that they regularly get their own category in the listings of online casinos! It is a clear sign of the widespread appeal of this fascinating variation on the well-loved game, and the fact that even online casinos and the majority of software providers are sitting up and taking notice is a sign that multi line slots have truly arrived.

The first 9 line slots game to appear on the online scene was called Treasure Nile. It featured a range of scatter symbols and pay outs from either left to right or right to left. The only drawback of Treasure Nile is that only 50 cent coins size were allowed so the maximum bet possible was only of $4.50. Since it is a progressive, playing at less than max is not really a good idea but many people balked at the $4.50 bet per spin.