Getting To Know Free Slots Cleopatra

We cannot deny the fact that the number of slots dedicated to Cleopatra is increasing. You might ask yourself why. For one, it is because of the fact that she was able to capture not only the attention of two powerful men in Egypt but as well as the gamblers all across the globe. That is why it is not that surprising to see more of these games developed by virtual casinos as they are a good source of income. They also provide some free slots Cleopatra themed games in order for players to try and learn the game.

Cleo Queen of Egypt – is one of the newest free slots Cleopatra themed games offered these days. Of course since this is just recently developed, its graphics are a lot sharper than the others and look more like the real thing. However, the symbols used in the game are still a lot similar to other Cleopatra themed slots that you know. Of course, this includes the pyramid, the scarab, mummy, sphinx, ankh, and the wild symbol, Cleopatra. The best feature of the game is its Crazy Jackpots where every payline (9 paylines) has a separate progressive jackpot associated. So you have to form five Cleopatra symbols in order for you to win the jackpot.

Cleopatra’s Coins – this is by far the most popular free slots Cleopatra themed game online. It is due to the fact that it is based on the story of Cleopatra herself rather than the ancient history of Egypt. If you have noticed the introductory clip of the slot game, it started with the Roman Galleons landing on Julius Caesar and Alexandria and how Cleopatra received Marc Anthony. If you connect it to history, Cleopatra, Anthony, and Caesar are the main symbols used in the game. In addition, most of other symbols used in the game are hieroglyphic images. What makes it a lot different from the others is the fact that the wild symbol is the scarab and in animation, it transforms from ornamental one to a real one and then crawls off the reels once you hit the jackpot. The asp or the snake, that is believed to be the one that killed Cleopatra in the story, is the one that triggers free spins. Cleopatra coin symbols on the other hand triggers the bonus game on the second screen. Players have to smash urn in the bonus game in order to gain the points that they contain.

As you can see, there are actually numerous free slots Cleopatra themed games developed these days. This is due to the fact that virtual casinos know how popular these games are to casino players. However, one should be reminded that not all casinos are offering these slot games for free. So it would be better to do a little research before you play these games.